We're going to Alaska.  
Along the way we want to visit certain people and places but, as always, the route is determined by time, seasons and (the bete-noire of all travellers) visas.  Oh, and our ability to cycle there.  Yes, money is also a restricting factor.  If we have to stop and work along the way then we may try and teach English again. 

Our genenral feeling is that nothing is set in stone but our hope is to visit friends in the UK and Europe before taking a ferry from Denmark to the Faroe Islands and then a ferry to Iceland.  We will then fly to Montreal in Canada and cycle up to New Foundland and then down the eastern coast of North America, stopping to visit friends before getting to Cuba in the winter of 2017.  From Cuba we want to go on to Mexico and then, well, it gets tricky.  Ideally we would head up the west of the States and on to Alaska, but our US visa only allows us 6 months' stay in a 12 month period. So...........we will see.